Things Nobody Tells You About the Epic Lace Frontal

Have you over processed your leave out with partial sew-ins or overuse of products?

Have you tried a lace or silk closure but it still gives you a wig look?

We all know all hairlines are not created equal but who cares you can create one. I am going to give you the 411 on the hot lace frontal, which is taking the hair extension industry by storm.   The do’s the don’ts and the just show me where to buy it.

Here are some common questions we get every day and we are here to answer them.

  • What is a frontal?
  • Should I get a frontal?
  • Will a frontal protect my hair?
  • Are frontals installed with glue or are they sewed in?
  • What technique is used to install frontals?
  • How big are frontals?
  • How long does a frontal installation last?

 Well stay tuned because I’m going to answer ALL of your questions in regards to frontals.

What is a frontal?

A frontal is a hair piece that encloses your head. Similar to a closure, but different in that a frontal covers the entire front of your head/hairline or the entire perimeter with a 360 product. With a frontal, you can pull your hair into a high bun or ponytail with no problem and with it looking amazingly natural, like your real hair. Whereas you may be apprehensive about showing your edges, a frontal covers them and gives you a hairline.

What is the difference between a frontal and a closure?

A closure is often times a 4×4 piece it’s like a perfect square it may vary depending on where you purchase it from (come in 5 x 5 and larger), but standard is a 4×4 piece, a frontal goes from ear to ear, your entire front of your head is covered. Both come either in lace or silk based.

(360 Frontal Install courtesy of

Will a frontal protect my hair?

My answer to this is, it can. It all depends on your upkeep, if you get the proper maintenance, proper install and if you remove your frontal properly. Anytime you are giving your leave out a break is good for you.

Are frontals installed with glue or are they sewed in?

Frontals can be installed both ways. They can be installed with glue or they can be glueless. It all depends on the technique requested and most importantly the technique offered by your professional stylist.

Should I get a frontal?

The simple answer is: it depends. Frontals are for people who don’t have edges; they’re not really for people who have full edges because it’s a substitute. Notice I said FULL, so if you have edges, and still want to try a frontal, you can and with great results. I definitely suggest frontals; but frontals are a lot of work. Frontals are not closures and require more maintenance.  If you are someone that doesn’t live a very active lifestyle and don’t sweat much, a frontal would be a great option.

But if you’re one to perspire often, or in other words, SWEAT, then a frontal is probably not the best investment for you to make. 

How long does a frontal installation last?

It depends on your perspiration level. Frontals are not for people who sweat in their head or are really sweaty. If your stylist uses glue if will not stay adhesive and sweat don’t go well together. However, there are so many new methods of installation for this product you may find one that works for you. But overall, frontal installations should last 2-4 weeks with proper care.

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