4 Ways to Properly Care For a Lace Frontal

You have spent countless hours installing a lace frontal and it is lifts up, moves around, or has bald spots.
You have taped it, glued it, sewn it downed, or event gelled it with no success.

The lace frontal have become very popular as women strive to create a more natural look. Known to recreate hairlines frontals give ladies a flawless more natural look while protecting leave out hair. However, lace frontals need a little more tlc (tender loving care) than a partial or closure install. In this post you we will reveal 4 ways to properly care for your frontal.

(image: Traditional body wave frontal)


1. Have Your Frontal Properly Installed

Protect your time and investment have a this hair accessory installed by a professional that specializes in frontals.

2. Ensure Your Compatibility With Different Installation Methods.

Lace frontal installs can be done with adhesive/glue, tape, or gel. More experienced stylist can sew it down. However, If you sweat in your head are a really sweaty individual a frontal may not be the best item for you to consider installing. Also, If you are allergic to adhesives or glues reconsider the methods you will use.

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3. Avoid Excessive Combing or Brushing of the Frontal.

The frontal is sensitive. In addition, the frontal is not your real hair. It will provide you a natural look but it is not your natural hair. Any excessive tension will create bald spots in your frontal. If you are pulling up in any updo styles use your fingers to rake through the hair.

In addition, If you are going to get your hair wet just make sure you don’t tug at it, pull on it or comb it excessively. Instead, comb all your hair to the back, press down on what’s lifting and tie a scarf on your hair. Do not remove the scarf until the area completely dry’s. If you do this, your frontal will stay in place and look fine.
Remember a lace frontal is an investment so take care of it. As long as it’s not cut up and the adhesives and gels are removed feel free to reuse your frontal as many times as you like.

(image: frontal that has been over brushed, combed, or mishandled)

4. Have the Frontal Properly Removed.

You should have a professional remove the frontal and if any adhesives are used 91% isopropyl alcohol can be used to remove the residue. Your frontal install should last 2-3 weeks per install do not overuse it.

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